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Custom Orthotics

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics are insoles which are designed to support and balance the biomechanical inadequacies that may be present in your feet and legs. Over-pronation is the most common biomechanical abnormality that can cause foot injuries and abnormal posture in the whole body, but there are a range of other conditions that may also require correction.

These inadequacies can result in issues such as poor posture and resulting in back or even neck pain. They also result in sore feet or leg discomfort, especially when you’ve been standing for a longer period of time.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Orthotics?

Orthotic therapy can effectively reduce or fully correct over-pronation. We are committed to helping you achieve full healing from this and other issues which can be treated with orthotic devices. We provide custom orthotics created using the latest technology in our field.
Why do Podiatrists prescribe custom orthotics?

Podiatrists are experts in prescribing orthotics and regularly use them as a tool to treat many injuries, including arch and heel pain (plantar fasciitis), bunions, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and knee and lower back pain. The fit of your orthotics is highly important, as they need to be customised to your exact foot in order to be effective. This is why buying insoles over the counter in your local pharmacy may help reduce pain for a time, but they will not permanently correct the underlying problem causing your discomfort in the first place.

How are custom orthotics made?

Our custom orthotics are made from 3D scans of the feet and incorporate a biomechanical assessment of your feet and lower legs to produce the optimum design to treat your pain or injury. These scans allow us to fit and shape our devices around your unique foot shape and structure, resulting in a much more effective therapy.
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Orthotics Designed With the Latest Technology


At Kingscliff Podiatry, we prescribe the highest quality custom orthotics available that have the best modern technology built into them. Our skilled team of podiatrists make a biomechanical assessment of your feet in conjunction with using the latest 3D foot scanning equipment to measure your foot shape with the highest accuracy.

The 3D scan and prescription are then e-mailed directly to a dedicated orthotic laboratory on the Gold Coast which has a team of highly trained podiatrists who specialise in orthotic manufacturing.

They use the latest technology to carve out the orthotic shape using a computer controlled router to match your foot scan and our detailed prescription. We then receive the custom orthotics within 7 working days, ready to fit your feet and shoes.

You can rest assured that the resulting device will be effective thanks to providing a perfect fit for your feet. We will continue to work with you with ongoing consultations to ensure your new devices are working properly, and that correction is taking place as needed.