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At Kingscliff Podiatry, we have a wide selection of sandals and shoes available at our Kingscliff practice. We supply an extensive range of footwear, designed to offer fashionable solutions to patients with a broad variety of foot problems. Orthotic friendly shoes are a fashionable way to repair foot issues while also enjoying superior comfort.

Incorrect shoe shape and fitting can be the cause of many foot injuries. It is therefore extremely important to ensure you get the right shoe for your foot shape, but also a shoe that you like and that works with your wardrobe. We offer a selection of items that fit almost any taste and sense of style. You'll find a pair of shoes that are suited for every budget, as well as for all occasions, whether you need work attire or casual wear.
We also carry some of the top brands in the industry. Xelero, for instance, is a shoe company that’s leading the way in the development of new shoe technology which actively changes the way you walk. If you have pain or restriction in any of your foot or lower leg joints, this shoe can make a big difference to your pain levels. It actively reduces the stresses at the ball joints in the foot and at the ankle while walking.

The result is less abnormal forces in all areas of the foot, ankle and lower leg which equates to less pain. We have been having great results using this shoe with patients who have chronic pain at the 1st toe joint, metatarsalgia, bunion pain, fixed 1st toe joints, gout pain, midfoot osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis/heel spur, restricted ankle range of motion and pain after ankle fracture.
Orthotics — Orthotic Shoes in Kingscliff, NSW

Benefits Of Orthopedic Shoes

We also stock a number of quality footwear brands that exhibit advanced shoe technology, which allows us to:

  • Fit wide & difficult feet in comfort
  • Accommodate orthotics easily—even into sandals
  • Control & influence foot biomechanics during gait to manage pain
  • Offload high-pressure areas to reduce the chance of corn, callus & ulcer formation
  • Relieve bunion pain
  • Stabilise & facilitate ankle motion
Orthotics Shoes — Orthotic Shoes in Kingscliff, NSW

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If you're having ongoing pain and discomfort, especially when you're standing or walking, get in touch with our team to find out if our range of specialised shoes are right for your situation. There are a range of conditions that can be helped by these medical shoes, although each patient is treated as an individual.

You may do best with well fitted shoes, or another remedy might be the right fit for your needs. We will take the time to go over your medical history and take a thorough assessment of your foot and your symptoms to determine which devices and treatment methods are right for you.

We'll help you find the right shoes and devices for your feet with precision and customised care.

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